Episode 75 – PASS Summit News & Dataflows

Thisis episode 75 recorded on November 9th, 2018 where John & Jason talk aboutthe news coming out of PASS Summit and break down the introduction of Dataflows.

Show Notes

Power BI delivers dataflows, enterprise reporting, and major updates to Power BI Desktop


  • Dataflows expand self-service data prep in Power BI
  • SQL Server Reporting Services technology now in Power BI
  • Power BI Desktop November Update
    • Will cover in detail on a future show once this drops

Introducing: Power BI data prep with dataflows


  • Self-service data prep for big data in Power BI 
  • Advanced Analytics and AI with Azure
  • Support for the Common Data Model
    • Getting started with self-service data prep
    • Ingesting large amounts of data with Incremental Refresh
    • Building complex ETL projects with Linked entities
  • Gaining further insights with Computed entities
    • Connecting datasets to your data

Public Preview of Paginated Reports in Power BI Premium Now Available


Power BI Paginated Reports also available in Power BI Mobile Apps(preview)


Paginated report metrics and dataflow metrics now available in Premium Capacity Metrics app


Premium Capacity Metrics app – query metrics histogram now available



Episode 74 – Interview with Amir Netz

This is episode 74 recorded on September 24th, 2018 where John & Jason interview Amir Netz, Technical Fellow and Chief Architect of Microsoft BI offerings at Microsoft, about all things Power BI.

Show Notes

About Amir

Elly Gotz’s story

Chris Finlan’s blog post: “Export to PowerPoint is now generally available and looking ahead at what’s coming next”

Last week’s interview with Chris Finlan

Episode 73 – Interview with Chris Finlan

This is episode 73 recorded on October 22nd, 2018 where John & Jason talk to Chris Finlan, Senior Program Manager for Power BI at Microsoft, about the Power BI Report Server, Paginated Report in the cloud via Power BI, and much more.

Show Notes

Power BI Report Server release timing update

Chris Finlan on Twitter

PASS Summit (Focus Groups)

Episode 72 – October Power BI Desktop Update

This is episode 72 recorded on October 19th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to about the October release of Power BI Desktop, and a little about publish to web reports.

Show Notes




Custom visuals

Data connectivity

Data preparation


Dave Ruijter’s Public Reports Gallery


Power BI Report Server release timing update


September Desktop Episode


Episode 71 – Interview with Amanda Cofsky

This is episode 71 recorded on September 26th, 2018 where John & Jason talk about some new & exciting stuff they are each working on & interview Amanda Cofsky, Program Manager for Power BI, at Microsoft Ignite about what is coming to Power BI Desktop like Copy & Paste visuals between PBIX files.

Show Notes:

Video Interview

Microsoft Power BI Desktop: Data exploration, analysis and storytelling – Amanda Cofsky, Will Thompson

Episode 69 – Interview with Sundeep Meda

This is episode 69 recorded live in Orlando at Microsoft Ignite September 26th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to Sundeep Meda Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, along with Adam Saxton, live at Microsoft Ignite 2018 about RDL in the Cloud, field listener questions, the Power BI webpart in SharePoint Online, updates to Report Builder & Report viewer, Row level security in Power BI Report Server, and much more. This is the second part of the live recording done from the podcast studio at Microsoft Ignite 2018.

Video Version

Show Notes:

Ignite Session – THR2052 – Microsoft Power BI: End-to-end enterprise data reporting Report Viewer Web Part for SharePoint

Guy In a Cube YouTube channel

Episode 68 – Live from Ignite with Adam Saxton

This is episode 68 recorded live in Orlando at Microsoft Ignite September 26th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to Adam Saxton, Microsoft’s “Guy in a Cube”, live at Microsoft Ignite 2018 about the new XMLA end points, Certified Data Sets, the shift to focus on Enterprise BI with Power BI Premium, the new ALM Toolkit, and much more.

Video Version

Show Notes:

Guy In A Cube – YouTube Channel

Power BI “Keynote” at Ignite – BRK2148 – Microsoft Power BI: The future for modern and enterprise BI

Ignite Session – BRK3400 – Microsoft Power BI: Deploying and managing Premium capacities to your entire organization (Josh Caplan and Adam Saxton)

Ignite Session – BRK3106 – Microsoft Power BI: Embedding analytics in your apps and portals (Adam Saxton)

Ignite Session – BRK3108 – Microsoft Power BI: Distributing insights and governing self-service analytics with the Microsoft Power BI service (Lukasz Pawlowski and Adam Saxton)    

Episode 67 – Interview with Josh Caplan

This is episode 67 recorded live in Orlando at Microsoft Ignite on September 25th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to Josh Caplan, Sr. Program Manager for Power BI, live at Microsoft Ignite 2018 about Power BI Premium, the new XMLA end points, and much more. .

Video version

Show Notes:

For the video of this interview, check out our channel on YouTube –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGLwGcWtR94    

Ignite Session – BRK3400 – Microsoft Power BI: Deploying and managing Premium capacities to your entire organization (Josh Caplan and Adam Saxton) 



Episode 66 – Power BI Desktop Update & Ignite Session picks

This is episode 66 recorded on September 14th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to about the September release of Power BI Desktop and make picks for Microsoft Ignite 2018.

Show Notes:

Power BI Desktop – September 2018

Here’s the complete list of September updates:



Custom visuals

Data connectivity

Data preparation

Stuff to watch

Unlock petabyte-scale datasets in Azure with aggregations in Power BI
Scott Hanselman & Christian Wade

Ignite Sessions to highlight

GS007 – Microsoft PowerApps, Power BI, and Flow: Power platform vision and roadmap
Arun Ulagaratchagan,  Charles Lamanna,  Keith Whatling,  Richard Riley

BRK3107 – Microsoft Power BI Premium: Building enterprise-grade BI models for big data
Christian Wade,  Josh Caplan

BRK3108 – Microsoft Power BI: Enabling and governing self-service analytics
Adam Saxton,  Lukasz Pawloski

BRK2218 – Microsoft Power BI Desktop: Data exploration, analysis and storytelling
Amanda Cofsky,  Will Thompson

BRK2099 – Upgrade your social communities to knowledge-based communities
Dean Swann,  John White

Episode 63 – Interview with Christian Wade

This is episode 63 recorded on August 30th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to Christian Wade, Senior Program Manager for Analysis Services at Microsoft, about Power BI in the Enterprise, the upcoming Manage Aggregations feature, and more.

Show notes

Capacity monitoring

Ignite session scheduler & Twitter

Ignite session scheduler & Twitter

Christian’s Talks at Business Application Summit

Building a data model to support 1 trillion rows of data and more with Microsoft Power BI Premium

Building Enterprise grade BI models with Microsoft Power BI Premium- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/businessapplicationssummit/video/BAS2018-2115

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Microsoft Ignite 9/24-9/28 

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