Episode 256 – News from Build w\ Gabi Münster

This is episode 256 recorded on May 24th, 2023 where John & Jason talk to Gabi Münster, Senior Program Manager on the Fabric CAT Team at Microsoft, about the announcements made at Microsoft Build 2023.


Introducing Microsoft Fabric: Data analytics for the era of AI

Introducing Microsoft Fabric and Copilot in Microsoft Power BI


Microsoft 365 Data + Microsoft Fabric better together

Microsoft OneLake in Fabric, the OneDrive for data

Introducing git integration in Microsoft Fabric for seamless source control management

Introducing Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric

Introducing Synapse Data Engineering in Microsoft Fabric

Introducing Synapse Data Science in Microsoft Fabric

Introducing Synapse Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric

Sense, analyze, and generate insights with Synapse Real-Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric

Driving actions from your data with Data Activator 

Ingest, transform, and route real-time events with Microsoft Fabric event streams

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