Episode 246 – Predictions for 2023

This is episode 246 recorded January 9th, 2023 where John & Jason review their wins & losses with their 2022 predictions, and prognosticate about what they see happening in 2023.

2022 Predictions and scores

Jason 4

  1. Creator experience starts the shift to online first, Power BI Desktop secondary 1
  2. Azure Synapse will continue to grow brand awareness and the Power BI brand will start to take more of a backseat 0
  3. The SharePoint Online Power BI v2.0 connector stays Beta for all of 2022 1
  4. Power BI continues it’s love affair with Microsoft Teams & Excel 1
  5. Power BI will finally get integration with Azure DevOps/GitHub 0
  6. Microsoft Ignite Spring 2022 will be another disappointment 1

John 3

  1. Clear return of In Person events – Microsoft events in the last half of the year   1
  2. Power Query gets a standalone client with multiple output types 0
  3. Deprecation of Azure Analysis Services 0
  4. Some sort of licensing that includes both Power BI and Synapse 0
  5. Web based dataset editor 1
  6. Quick Create report experience for Synapse 0
  7. New name for metamodels 1

2023 Predictions


  1. New product as a result of technical reorganization
  2. Power BI leaves the Power Platform
  3. Power BI Desktop “Lite” online report/ETL/dataset editor
  4. Paginated Report Editor Online
  5. Power Query standalone product (with premium connectors?)
  6. ChatGPT integrated into DAX editor a la Bing


  1. Kusto becomes more important to Power BI
  2. Office integration becomes tighter as Power BI rolls out with E5
  3. SharePoint  & OneDrive become a much more interesting data source
  4. Microsoft 1st party events become more interesting from a Power BI perspective
  5. Paginated reports become more heavily adopted now that they are available in Pro
  6. We see the name Power start to drop away from top level product names

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