Episode 158 – Catching up with the summer Power BI News

This is episode 158 recorded on August 28th, 2020 where John & Jason catch up on the Power BI News from the past few weeks including re-imagined headers and navigation in the Power BI Mobile apps, Power BI data protection updates, and Release update for Sept 2020 release of Power BI Report Server.

Show Notes

REDUCE Power BI dataset size by 60% with ONE CHECKBOX???

Guy in a Cube clips

Building cross-platform solutions that connect to Power BI datasets

Re-imagine headers and navigation in the Power BI Mobile apps

Power BI data protection updates

AutoML now supports applying models in PQO Function Browser

Release update for Sept 2020 release of Power BI Report Server

Ideas Picks


Access Power BI dataset in Power BI Desktop using Azure AD B2B guest account

I’m trying to access a Power BI dataset in Power BI Desktop using a Azure AD B2B guest account but I can only see datasets in my own organization.

As a consultant I often use my own Power BI Pro license to publish reports to customers but it’s impossible to access Power BI datasets in customers tenants using Power BI Desktop.

Using Power BI Service I can access Power BI Datasets using my guest account.


Built in Git support in PowerBI Desktop

When you create a PowerBI report in Power BI Desktop it transparently create \ use a git repository. So you just worked normally, then when you hit publish, it actually push to remote.

Gitignore could be used to exclude data from being published to the repository. PowerBI would have version control which is desperately needed.

This would work well with the whole Microsoft buying Github \ Azure DevOps, both from the perspective of promoting good practices such as code version control and CI\CD – process of developing in development and promoting to UAT\production

It would also allow IT to get visibility of code, allow tests to be run – such as moving DAX calculated columns with M

This would also solve the other ideas:






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