Episode 137 – Going Viral

This is episode 137 recorded on March 2nd, 2020 where John & Jason talk about trouble with Calculation groups, the new Power BI tab in Microsoft Teams, and Power BI Home Changes.

Show Notes

Calculation Groups

Text formatting seems to be getting broken when using calculation groups in Power BI.

Calculation groups on Microsoft Docs

SQL BI’s take on calculation groupshttps://www.sqlbi.com/calculation-groups/

Other News

New Power BI tab for MS Teams

New Power BI .NET API – V3

Power BI Home Changes

Use Dataset owner’s security context(UPN) for Refresh-based Reports (Public Preview)

User Voice Picks


Format Strings don’t work on a SSAS Model with Calculation Group(s)

AAS recently implemented Calculation Groups with big fanfare.

However any SSAS / AAS Cube that has any users using Power BI in Live Connect mode cannot add this feature to their cube. I would be willing to bet this is > 95% of all Microsofts Cube customers.

The problem is that any graphical visual (i.e. not table/matrix/card) will not honour any format string (static or dynamic).

This means that any simple measure that shows a % will show as a decimal 0.01 instead of 1%.

This is such a jarring issue for users it means that we cannot use the great new feature because Power BI has only allowed Matrix and Table to honour the Format String as defined in the model

I’ve contacted the support team and I’m told that the dev team are only expected to start working on this during this summer with no ETA.

A real shame that Microsoft’s flagship reporting tool cannot work with Microsoft’s flagship OLAP database until then. Our users were looking forward to reducing the number of measures to 0.2 of what they were (sorry, that should be 20%, couldn’t resist 🙂 )


Add search feature on power bi blog

I don’t see a search feature on Power BI blog ( https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/ ). It would be very helpful to have one and not go through google

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