Episode 132 – Welcome Back

This is episode 132 recorded on January 16th, 2020 where John & Jason talk about some updates in Jason’s world, discuss the Microsoft Ignite World Tour, and cover the latest news in Power BI.

Show Notes

Self Service Purchasing goes live

End of Life for Windows 7 Happened

The new Edge is here

Google wants to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome within two years

Premium Capacity Metrics app – new health center with KPIs to explore relevant metrics and steps to mitigate issues

Microsoft Business Application Summit Changes Venue

User Voice Picks

John (h/t to Jason Hurley)

Highlight current color in selector

I feel I am wasting a lot of time trying to determine what color value is currently defined from one object to the other. Some colors are so similar when looking in small portion that its hard to distinguish.

It would be nice if when you have a color set it would actually put a border around the current selected color from the pallete list if its a standard in the pick list or recently use


Collapse App Navigation Pane

The new app navigation experience is great but can take up a good chunk of screen retail space.

The option to collapse/uncollapse the navigation pane would be a great feature for users, allowing them to focus entirely on the report/dashboard

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