Episode 116 – Interview with Marco Russo

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This is episode 116 recorded on September 5th, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Marco Russo about Analysis in general, community efforts, and his new book, The Definitive Guide to DAX, 2nd edition.

Show Notes

Marco’s latest book on Amazon – The Definitive Guide to DAX (2nd Edition)

SQL BI site

Marco’s blog

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User Voice picks


Power BI Service recognize local time zone for TODAY() and NOW() time intelligence functions

As of now, the reports that I create on desktop utilize a lot of time intelligence functions and relative date filters. This is completely fine so long as I view the report on the desktop. Once I publish the report up to the service and then utilize those visuals in dashboards I run into this issue. All of my time intelligence functions (TODAY & NOW) and relative date filters convert to UTC.

This issue causes my data to roll over to the next day 5 hours early which affects all of my subscriptions.

It would be absolutely fantastic if Power BI service could recognize local time zone or even if we could manually set our time zone so that these measure work correctly.


Compare two Queries – Columns

I would like to have the ability to do a “compare tables” or “compare queries” option.

I understand that there are visuals/queries I can build to compare the DATA within two separate queries but I want to compare the two queries. I want to know how many columns are in TableA versus how many are in TableB and which column names are different from each other. When I have two tables with 150 columns (give or take) and they are allegedly a copy of each other I want to be able to confirm that all 150 in columns in TableA match all 150 columns in TableB and that I don’t have 10 unique columns in each query that just happen to come up to 150.

It would be nice to get a row count difference at the same time, but I do know that I can do the count rows to get that number of each.


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