Episode 174: Power BI 2020 Hindsight

This is episode 174 recorded on December 21st, 2020 where John & Jason review the changes with Power BI over the past year, check out how they did on last year’s predictions, and make some new predictions for 2021.

Predictions (to keep us honest)

2020 Predictions


  1. Restructuring of the Power Platform
  2. Power BI Admin will find its legs
  3. Premium will become more accessible, and not required for as many cases (Paginated, Incremental refresh)
  4. AAS will be fully merged with Power BI Premium


  1. Dark mode for Power BI Desktop will come – FAIL
    1. However Android and iOS…
  2. Power Platform Admin Center will continue to disappoint – WIN (fail)
  3. Expansion of the role of Dataflows – WIN
  4. Microsoft elevates Power Platform beyond Office 365 – WIN
  5. Power Query will get a facelift to align with the new Power BI Desktop look and feel – FAIL
    1. Dataflows…
  6. We will do something with our mailing list – FAIL
    1. Jason fail massive

2021 Predictions


  1. Return of Live events
  2. Continued triple digit growth for Power BI
  3. AAS vs PBI Premium roadmap will be clear
  4. Web based query and model editor
  5. PPU included in some sort of Office SKU
  6. New simplified editor for paginated reports based on PBUI datasets


  1. PBI Premium becomes *the way* thanks to PPU
  2. Power Query will get a facelift to align with the new Power BI Desktop look and feel
  3. The SharePoint / Power BI experience will not dramatically change in 2021
  4. Creator experience starts the shift to online first, Power BI Desktop secondary
  5. A new player in the events space will emerge to fill the void that PASS Summit will leave
  6. Power Apps & Power BI integration gets better
  7. The Power BI Creator ALM experience will get better

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