Episode 150: June Power BI Desktop Update

This is episode 150, our sesquicentennial episode, recorded on June 17, 2020 where John & Jason talk about the June 2020 Power BI Desktop Update including Enhancements to mobile layout authoring, changes to the Hierarchy slicer, and Model view enabled for live connect.

Show Notes




Template apps


Data connectivity


User Voice Picks


No alignment options available in card visual.

Alignment option like (Center, Left or Right) is not available for data in card visual.


Page/Tab Level Security

Row level security makes it hard to hide EVERYTHING from a specific user login having the page/Tab secuirty within Power BI for different user Login would be very helpful

For Example: something like USERPRINCIPALNAME() which would be dynamic for different user login to hide and show pages that would act as Page/Tab Level Security.

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