Episode 140 – Exploring Azure Data Explorer

This is episode 140 recorded on April 3rd, 2020 where John & Jason talk about Azure Data Explorer, formerly known as Kusto, discuss some of the COVID data out in the ether, and the XMLA read\write end point that was recently announced.

Show Notes

Azure Data Explorer

How Public Agencies Keep Communities Informed on COVID-19 with Power BI

Announcing read/write XMLA endpoints in Power BI Premium public preview

User Voice Picks


Transfer pages between reports

It would be great to be able to move or copy pages from one report to another. Often I’ll develop a page in one report that is skirting the subject matter but nonetheless still useful. I am then finding that I’ll develop a whole new report at a later date, which is a better fit for that particular page. At present there is no way to move that page from the original report to the new report without completely replicating all visualisations.


Activate all bookmarks in a group with a click!

This feature would allow for multi-page bookmarks and bookmark syncing.

Imagine you have a 3 level hierarchy and want to keep report formatting consistent across all three organizational levels, at this point in time you only have 3 options:

1.) Force your end-users to drill-down on every visual to get the appropriate level. Terrible user-experience.

2.) Set bookmarks on every page that do the drilling for your end-users. Still a poor user-experience.

3.) Create 3 separate but mostly identical reports with only the hierarchical levels differing. Terrible developer experience and limits the legitimate usage of drill-downs.

SOLUTION: Allow us to use entire bookmark groups as bookmarks. This way the developer can bookmark the appropriate views for ALL of our affected visuals and assign them to the appropriate bookmark group. A single click by an end-user will result in the entire report being formatted at the level they need to see.

This comes with the added bonus of making the current bookmark process easier, getting the appropriate bookmark set for multiple visuals on one page is a pain and involves much more trial and error than it should.

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