Episode 127 – November 2019 Power BI Desktop

This is episode 127 recorded on November 14th, 2019 where John & Jason talk about the November Power BI Desktop features including the new Power BI Desktop Ribbon, Decomposition Tree, and AI Functions in Power Query.

Show Notes

Other News

Office 365 Service Description Power BI Report

A low cost approach for paginated report subscriptions in Power BI

Desktop November 2019





Data connectivity

Data Preparation

Template apps


Option to use either light or dark interface

Dark Mode for Power BI

Jason’s pick

No Ctrl-Click on Buttons Needed for Bookmarks View Mode

When editing in Desktop, you have to Ctrl-Click a button to trigger the assigned action – very good. But when you have multiple bookmarks and you go into “View” mode, you are effectively in “PowerPoint Mode”. When in this mode, there should be just a single click for a button (no ctrl needed).


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