Episode 118 – September 2019 Power BI Desktop Update

This is episode 118 recorded on September 19th, 2019 where John & Jason walk through the September 2019 Power BI Desktop update, and highlight some important user voice picks.

Show Notes




Data connectivity

Data preparation

Template apps


User Voice Picks


Disable or prevent Teams from autocreating App Workspace

Please introduce a global setting to Prevent Teams from creating Power BI App Workspace automatically when creating a new Team. As the new Workspaces are detached from Teams/Groups this should be a setting to prevent the App Workspaces being clotted with empty Workspaces from all our Teams.


Comprehensive theme editor is required for Desktop

Report themes are great. For quite some time we have been able to build JSON file that describe themes. At first they were relatively simple, but have evolved to include theming options for virtually every aspect of a report.

The September 2019 edition of Power BI Desktop introduces a massive number of additions to theming. There are now so many that simple, textual JSON file editing is now impractical. We NEED a graphical theme editor.

Power BI Desktop itself could act as the editor with one simple feature addition. Export current visual settings to a theme file (JSON). With that, Desktop could be used to get things “just so” and then save out the JSON for re-use.


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