Episode 117 – Interview with Chris Webb

This is episode 117 recorded on September 5th, 2019 where John & Jason talk to Chris Webb, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft on the Power BI CAT Team, about Power Query, data consulting, community efforts, and his new shiny new job at Microsoft.

User Voice Picks


Edit Data Table From Relationship View window

In the current relationship view window we can delete a data table from the model.

It would be nice to right click on the data table and click edit query for the underlying table. This would immediately open up the query editor for data table changes.

Today you have to switch views to the table view, and click edit table. or navigate to the edit queries button and click edit queries. Doing this opens the queries, but you still have to navigate to the table you want to change.


Memory consumption indicator

There should be a way embedded into the Power BI Desktop or to the Power BI Service to figure out the actual uncompressed memory footprint.

This doesn’t seem to be rocket science, and would save a lot of headache. It would allow analysts to discover how inefficient their data models are. It would ultimately help the Power BI infrastructure as well by helping people to avoid loading the Power BI servers with unnecessary workload.


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