Listener contribution ask for 2018 Prediction episode

As we close in on the end of 2017 and we decided to do something a bit different with our final episode of the year, episode 29. We are calling it our 2018 Prediction episode. While we were in Chicago two weeks ago we recorded an interview with Paul Schaeflein and also grabbed some interviews with friends from the SharePoint Community and asked them one question: “What is your prediction for 2018?”. It was so much fun that we decided that we should open this up to our listeners to contribute answer to as well.

This is an open ended question that we are not looking to be targeted to Business Intelligence, even though our show is about BI, but instead a more general fun question that we will string together for a fun episode. Our preference is to have this be tech related, however the only off limits topics are politics & religion. We aren’t looking to stir the pot, just have some fun, possibly thought provoking chats.

If you would like to contribute your 2018 prediction please upload a .wav, .mp3, .mp4 or any other video/audio format to We will only be using the audio from the file so feel free to make funny faces at us. We are looking to keep each prediction to under 2 minutes, and be sure to tell us & the other listeners who you are!

I also recorded a video about this that you can watch below:

We want to thank Dan Holme for permission to rip of an old idea of his and turn it into a fun end of year episode. When Dan used to write for Penton a few years ago he put out a blog post of predictions for the coming year. Personally, I’ve missed reading that post and we all thought it would make for some fun listening.

FYI, we are going to close submissions for this on December 23rd, 2017 that way our awesome audio engineer can work his magic and not have to work for us on Christmas.


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