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Happy 2022 y’all!

At the end of 2021 John & I spent quite a bit of time out in the community teaching at conferences across the globe. There was a common theme from the folks who attend our sessions, whether in the US or aboard. People are still just getting started with learning Power BI. More than half of the folks who attended our workshops didn’t even have a Power BI account of any kind or if they did, they had never logged into Power BI before coming to the conference.

People are often tentative about asking questions for fear of looking silly in front of a peer group, but we had some brave souls who asked the beginner questions and highlighted a need for a base introduction to Power BI.

The Goal

I have set a goal for myself to put together a month of beginner content and share it here. Whether you are finding this on the podcast website or on our YouTube channel I hope that you will find this content helpful and informative… and maybe just a bit geeky.

If I find that people find this useful and if they do, I will continue beyond January 2022. Please drop a comment section below to let me know what you think.

My goal is to make these nice and short. Power BI is known for 5 minutes to WOW! I hope to make these videos/posts more of 3 minutes to Ah! with walkthrough demos of what I am explaining.

How it will work

This month will be dedicated to getting started using only the service. What is what, where things live, what does that button do, and things of that nature.

If you are looking for deep dive feature summaries, what’s new in this month, or detailed walk throughs of super cool, geeky analytics stuff this series is not for you.

Please check out the podcast for more stuff like that. This really is targeted at folks like my brother, who has just started on his Power BI journey and is eager to know how to use the platform.

That’s it for now. First content will go up tomorrow!


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