Episode 68 – Live from Ignite with Adam Saxton

This is episode 68 recorded live in Orlando at Microsoft Ignite September 26th, 2018 where John & Jason talk to Adam Saxton, Microsoft’s “Guy in a Cube”, live at Microsoft Ignite 2018 about the new XMLA end points, Certified Data Sets, the shift to focus on Enterprise BI with Power BI Premium, the new ALM Toolkit, and much more.

Video Version

Show Notes:

Guy In A Cube – YouTube Channel

Power BI “Keynote” at Ignite – BRK2148 – Microsoft Power BI: The future for modern and enterprise BI

Ignite Session – BRK3400 – Microsoft Power BI: Deploying and managing Premium capacities to your entire organization (Josh Caplan and Adam Saxton)

Ignite Session – BRK3106 – Microsoft Power BI: Embedding analytics in your apps and portals (Adam Saxton)

Ignite Session – BRK3108 – Microsoft Power BI: Distributing insights and governing self-service analytics with the Microsoft Power BI service (Lukasz Pawlowski and Adam Saxton)    

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