Episode 126 – Ignite Wrap Up and Unconference Outcomes

This is episode 126 recorded on November 8th, 2019 where John & Jason talk about Microsoft Ignite, the announcements, the demos, and what recommendations came out of the working groups at the Power BI unconference.

Unconference recommendations in User Voice at https://ideas.powerbi.com

We need real time monitoring of Power BI dedicated capacities

Allow us to set the default time zone for our Power BI tenant, and have a report level override

Display tabular data as is without aggregation

Report First Data Model Design

Power BI premium capacity metrics – extend it to beyond 7 days.

Premium metrics – Aggregate data across capacities

Episode 31 – Power BI Desktop January Update

This is episode 31 recorded on January 9th 2018… where John & Jason talk about the January features updates to Power BI Desktop, some things they noticed in the Desktop client, and some User Voice submissions.


Show and hide pages
Control data label background color for Cartesian and maps visuals
Increase area used for axis labels in charts
Bar/column padding control
Show dates as a hierarchy (preview)
Add an anchor date for relative date slicer
Top N selection in Q&A


Correlation coefficient quick measure

Custom Visuals

Funnel with Source by MAQ Software
Box and Whisker chart by MAQ Software
Agility Planning Matrix Light
Image Grid
Gantt Chart by MAQ Software

Data connectivity

Support for Azure Active Directory authentication for Azure SQL Database & Data Warehouse connectors


Advanced language settings for the Windows store app

Power BI Desktop things of note

-Help tab
-Windows Store download was behind the blog post

Previous Month’s Power BI Desktop update episode

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Power BI User Voice submissions