• John’s Session Picks for MS Ignite 2017

    BI In General Self-service BI and enterprise reporting on-premises with Power BI Report Server https://myignite.microsoft.com/sessions/53403 Chris Finlan Session code: BRK2156   Love Power BI but need an on-premises solution today? […]

  • Treb Gatte’s Session Picks for MS Ignite 2017

    Dive into effective report authoring using Microsoft Power BI Desktop https://myignite.microsoft.com/sessions/53124 Miguel Llopis and Will Thompson Session code: BRK2111 Microsoft Power BI Desktop is a tool that allows data analysts, […]

  • Episode 14 – Surveying the scene

    This is episode 14 recorded on September 8th, 2017 where John & Jason talk about Power BI Drill through Reports, Timeline Storyteller Visual, Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Flow and Power […]

  • Episode 13 – Back to On Premises

    This is episode 13 recorded on August 31st, 2017 where John & Jason talk about Power BI Embedded, Hurricane Harvey, and the new Power BI Report Server. Show Notes: Hurricane […]

  • Hurricane Harvey and the SharePoint Community

    I just blogged about the Hurricane Harvey relief effort that I have been working on for the past week. I know it isn’t about Business Intelligence, but if you have […]

  • Episode 12 – Time after time

    Recorded on August 23rd, 2017 This is episode 12 recorded on August 23rd, 2017 where we talk about the new SharePoint Communication Sites, OneDrive’s new sharing functionality, when times are […]

  • Episode 11- Garden full of news

    Recorded on August 18th, 2017 This is episode 11 recorded on August 18th, 2017 where John & Jason talk about the News in Power BI including Desktop update, a new […]

  • Power BI Licensing and the Power BI Web Part in SharePoint

    John White recently published a couple of posts to help clarify the licensing requirements around the Power BI web part for SharePoint. The first, “What License is Needed to Use […]

  • Episode 10 – May I see your license please sir?

    Recorded August 17th, 2017 This is episode 10 recorded on August 17th, 2017 where we talk about the new Power BI licensing model & Microsoft Ignite. Show notes: The new […]

  • Episode 9 – Dog Days

    Recorded August 3rd, 2017 In this episode, John and Jason look talk about about SQL Server 2017 RC2, PowerApps, and updates to the Power BI service. Show notes: SQL Server […]

  • Episode 8 – Back Into it

    Recorded July 14, 2017 In this episode, John and Jason look specifically the July 2017 updates to Power BI in the Desktop, the service, and to the On-Premises Data Gateway. […]

  • Episode 7 – Live from Johannesburg

    Recorded June 13, 2017 After a long hiatus, Jason and John are back with the podcast! The format has changed, and now it’s audio-only (for the moment at least) and […]

  • Episode 6 – Select * from Reports

    Recorded August 11, 2016 Power BI has been getting a lot of attention recently, but it represents only the cloud platform of Microsoft’s BI strategy. As clearly announced last fall, […]

  • Episode 5 – The Data Model

    Recorded May 19, 2016 In this episode, we were fortunate enough to have Kasper De Jonge as our guest. Kasper is Senior Program Manager on the Analysis Services team, and […]

  • Episode 4 – The Power BI Development Story

    Recorded April 28, 2016 The excitement for Power BI continues to build. The driving force behind this is its ease of use, the from zero to insight speed. It’s easy […]

  • Episode 3 – Select * from On-Prem Where Version=’2016′

    Recorded March 24, 2016 SharePoint 2016 is now generally available!!! Jason and John welcome guests Kay Unkroth and Gregory Appel from Microsoft to discuss the BI changes in SharePoint 2016. […]

  • Episode 2 – Select * from Stack

    Recorded February 25, 2016 After the monthly News Update, Tips & Tricks, and What’s New in Power BI, John & Jason explain the Microsoft BI stack & it’s related technologies. […]

  • Episode 1 – Select * From Hosts

    Recorded January 28, 2016 In this first episode of BIFocal, John & Jason kick off by introducing themselves, the topics, and the show format. During the course of the hour […]