Episode 151: Visuals, Apps, Licensing and Picks

This is episode 151 recorded on June 25, 2020 where John & Jason talk about changes to someĀ  formerly useful custom visuals, Power BI Report Server licensing change, and a conversation about Apps.

Show Notes

CloudScope Ends Support for Power BI Custom Visuals

Connect to Application Insights and Log Analytics with Direct Query in Power BI

Guy in a cube – It’s time to free your Power BI data model! We freed up 83%!?!

New way of getting apps

Licensing and roadmap update for Power BI Report Server

User Voice Picks


Drill Mode By Default

It should be good if we can set Drill Mode ON/OFF by DEFAULT instead of clicking manually on the arrow every time on report.


Certified visuals should be able to display external images

Current rules for certified visuals prevent visuals from making requests outside of PowerBI.

The specific rule states:

1200.1.3 Code security

Your source code should comply with all security and privacy policies. Source code must be safe and not pass or transmit customer data externally.

This seems like a good rule, but Microsoft is now interpreting this to prevent certified visuals from making requests to any external location, even to display images. Certified visuals like the popular Image control by my company are now no longer approved.

This rule prevents visuals from displaying images from the Internet or even from a company’s Azure Blob Storage account, severely limiting their functionality.

The alternative is to use a non-certified visual, which many organizations may not allow. Non-certified visuals can also not be exported in PDF or PPT.

Report authors should be free to use a certified visual to display images from whatever source they choose.

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