Episode 131: Hindsight for 2020

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This is episode 131 recorded on January 2nd, 2020 where John & Jason cover the news, review their predictions for 2019, and make predictions for 2020.

Show Notes

Introducing the Power BI Activity Log

Deprecating TLS 1.0 and 1.1 support in Power BI

2019’s predictions


  1. More ML and AI
  2. Fit and Finish on the Desktop – PowerPoint style features
  3. Expression language will be huge
  4. XMLA Endpoint/Enterprise features
  5. Azure Analysis Services to move together with Premium
  6. Authenticate to PBIRS with online credentials


  1. Paginated Reports will be huge – the great unblocker
  2. SSRS on Prem being ditched in favour of Paginated Reports in the service
  3. Changes coming to licensing for On-Prem Data Gateway in a bad way
  4. We will do something with our mailing list

2020 Predictions


  1. Restructuring of the Power Platform
  2. Power BI Admin will find its legs
  3. Premium will become more accessible, and not required for as many cases (Paginated, Incremental refresh
  4. AAS will be fully merged with Power BI Premium


  1. Dark mode for Power BI Desktop will come
  2. Power Platform Admin Center will continue to disappoint
  3. Expansion of the role of Dataflows
  4. Microsoft elevates Power Platform beyond Office 365
  5. Power Query will get a facelift to align with the new Power BI Desktop look and feel
  6. We will do something with our mailing list

User Voice Picks


Export to PDF via Power BI Embedded API

The export to PDF feature of Power BI Desktop is awesome. Could we have this PDF support option via the embedded API to generate PDFs into a network location? Say, an UNC path. This would be fantastic for bespoke applications!


Show column data profile statistics in header

Add a column data profile histogram in the data view for every column in Power BI Desktop. This handy feature exists in Power Query (sometimes only on sampled data).

Add this feature to Power BI Desktop as well, please.

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